John Gibson: So gracious, this lunch with Bill

Chris de Burgh. Picture: AP
Chris de Burgh. Picture: AP
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I’ve never said grace. And, this is the God’s truth, I’m rarely somewhere to hear it. If I feel a wee bit self-righteous it’s because I’ve just heard grace said by Bill McDonald at Sunday lunch at his neighbours, the Mowats, by Newington.

The Very Rev Doctor Bill McDonald and a former Moderator served with the Indian Army for three years during the Second World War. He sent nearly 200 letters home to his mum in Edinburgh and he still has them.

Bill McDonald

Bill McDonald

I suggested they should be archived but Bill’s too modest to have them stored for posterity.

Some day somebody will do that. By the grace of God.

Ballad ordeal

Is it a sad ballad or a bad salad? They have my sympathy. Probably yours too. A gent in Medway, Kent, was a self-styled big noise, making life for his neighbours sheer hell by repeatedly blasting them with Chris de Burgh’s Lady in Red and, intensifying their pain, Angels by Robbie Williams.

An absolute nightmare in ballads and the magistrates there sympathised. On three charges of breaching a noise abatement order they discharged him conditionally for a year. Better still, as music lovers will readily concur, he had to forfeit his CD player, mixers, amplifiers and speakers.

Chris, you’ve a lot to answer for. Imagine. Lady in Red right through the night. The ultimate nightmare.