John Gibson: Still going down the drain, why?

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You perhaps saw on TV a programme about Nepal. Distressing in the extreme. There was no such thing as clean water to drink or bathe in. Cholera was rife.

That come to mind every time I pass the leak in St John Street, off Holyrood Road. It had been gushing for more than a month. You could float that QE2 in it by now.

None of the residents or businesses, including Moray House teacher training college have bothered to get off their butts to report it. It took a passing stranger to inform Scottish Water. That was on Thursday last week. Still gushing today, the to-die-for water the pitiful Nepalese crave.

The call centre bloke volunteered “job number” (4319684) but his Scottish Water bosses apparently have done damn all about it.

A tale to Tel

Not you, too, Tel! Terence Stamp is threatening us with a book. Had several memoirs published, now its a cookbook.

We’ll get it online and it’s taken him a long time. Married for the first time, to somebody 35 years younger. Now 74, divorced.

Way back he was considered the handsomest man alive. Still dishy in his approaching dotage and, still, has most of his hair, the swine.