John Gibson: Sturgeon earns stripes at St Paul’s

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Sturgeon. Is she a good yin or a bad yin? She can’t be all that bad when she turns up at the 75th year commemorative service at St Paul’s.

As I say she can’t be all that bad and the same can be said of me since I was at the St Paul’s do, where I picked her out in the crowd.

Prince Charles was there, looking lonesome without Camilla. Which was a shame because she and Sturgeon might well have had a good old gossip.

Not about the respective merits of the Spitfire and the Hurricane. This was, after all, about the Battle of Britain and while I respected that, they might at least have given Scotland a mention considering that the 603 and 602 squadrons shot down the first German bomber of the Second World War.

There are still disputes today on which squadron was first to bag the Nazi but I’ve no wish to reopen that particular can of worms, much as I realise I’ve just done it.

St Paul’s was really moving not withstanding the absence of Charles’ good lady. Glad it’s all over for another year and when do we get another round figure like 75?

My thoughts for the Few are undiminished.

If I can have the last word – I still say Edinburgh’s 603 did the business and presumably there is a hole in the ground somewhere near Haddington to prove it.

Suits them

Peter and Sandy, the long-time gents who run Slaters, the George Street outfitters, report excellent bargain basement business.

Was it ever anything else? They’ve had the Famous Grouse tent outside their door throughout the Festival. Lucky chaps the pair of them. Peter Chesney is a Gers man while Sandy Bisset shouts for another team. How come they’re not at each other’s throats?