John Gibson: Tall tales on bush babies from Roddy

Joan Rivers. Pic: Getty Images
Joan Rivers. Pic: Getty Images
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Reaching for the stars. Taller each time I meet him. “John, you’re exaggerating again. I’m only six feet five.” And 66. Prolific author Roddy Martine has been busy this past year promoting his books.

But he’s home in Edinburgh having finished his latest, hopefully to be published early next year. “It’s my first children’s book, titled Tichawona, and it’s about bush babies. They’re nocturnal animals from Africa, like squirrels, with very big eyes and long bushy tails.

“We had them at home when I wasn’t yet in my teens, and they’re alcoholics, draining any wine that was left when we’d had guests. They’d sleep in my dressing gown pockets.” So Roddy knew what we was writing about for this yarn. “The pair we had latterly were from Zimbabwe, via Harrods,” he added, bushy tail between his legs.

All shook up

You’ve got to believe. Elvis Presley on Stage is coming to Edinburgh in May. The promoters are trumpeting: “If you’ve never seen Elvis live in concert, this is the closest you will get.”

If you’re craving authentic credentials, this will be “the newest production from Graceland coming in 2014”.

Fans of “the King” will confirm Graceland is his spiritual shrine. The tour starts April 30 and ends in London’s Hammersmith Apollo on May 24/25. Could this really be Elvis risen from the grave?

Afterwords . . .

. . . Before the fiddlers have fled. People are weeping uncontrollably because Joan Rivers, waving a Union flag, played only Glasgow Concert Hall this week, her solitary gig in Scotland, and she’s hollering that, “seriously”, her Before They Close the Lid tour of the UK may well be her last. We’ll believe it when we don’t see it, Joan.