John Gibson: Tel Aviv’s telling us to eat cake

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Let them eat cake. Make your minds up, for gawd’s sake! First the scientists are telling us that fry-ups at breakfast are bad for our metabolism. Now they’re saying that cake along with the big fry ultimately can be slimming.

It could help dieters lose more weight and keep it off in the long run.

So get mucked in to those proteins and carbohydrates and be happy. You believe what the researchers at Tel Aviv University are saying? Suit yourselves.

Along with the cake, slip an extra banger on to the plate. It can’t do you any real harm, can it?

Par for course

Hadn’t seen him in yonks. Paul Morrod, director of Par Scaffolding, was at Norrie Rowan’s lunch table in The Dome assuring me business is healthy, considering the climate. Healthy enough for him to find regular work for the firm and for him and wife Diana to sustain frequent trips to their holiday retreat in Ibiza.

Paul’s been a scaffolder life-long. Ambitious, he climbed to director level and he still clambers some days.

Way back, he was treasurer of football’s Meadowbank Thistle, latterly a sponsor of Boroughmuir Rugby Club.

I found him upbeat, if not over happy that, he alleges, 500 construction workers in Edinburgh are “in limbo” due to ongoing investigations at the city council. So a wee bit below par?

Afterwords . .

. . . did Jack Vettriano really say “you know who I am, we can sort this out” to coppers who nabbed him for drugs and drunk driving? Paints a completely different picture of multi-millionaire Jack for me. And that grizzled portrait of him at court. He’s only 60 after all. Call it the price of fame.