John Gibson: Thanks but no thanks to Potter

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Phew, that was close! We’re subjected to more than enough of her, all glammed up, in the papers these days. The last thing we want or need is to be confronted by JK Rowling the second we step off the plane.

Some numpties had suggested this big idea of re-branding Edinburgh Airport as JK Rowling Airport. Pu-leese! In Liverpool they have John Lennon Airport and in Belfast George Best Airport is established.

Thankfully bosses at Edinburgh Airport have more sense than to go down this celebrity route.

Clutter fingers

This item is sparked by a current clutter ban at the BBC headquarters in London and Manchester. We get a “directive” every so often here at Holyrood Towers, imploring us to “tidy up” our desks. To get rid of the clutter, the fizzy drinks can, coffee mugs, family snaps, biccy wrappers and, of course, yellowing newspapers.

I concur with the management (does this get me a seat on the board?). There are times, I’ve found, when most of the desks in the editorial department look like a tip.

Am I claiming I’ve the tidiest, clutter-free desk in the office? Sure. It’s the way I was brought up, see.