John Gibson: The Battle of Britain? What’s that?

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Would you believe it? I would, for sure. Chances are that one in three Brits claim they’ve never heard of the Battle of Britain. And I’m not joking.

I have to wonder if they have heard of Churchill or, for heaven’s sake, that there was, indeed, a Second World War at all. Comes a point when you have to wonder if it was all worthwhile.

This is where I slip in a few priceless words from my old mate, the long-departed Spike Milligan who once uttered: “The German sense of humour is no laughing matter.”

By the way can I just clear this matter up? The Germans were on the opposite side.

Silent treatment

He’s just turned 85, so it was an opportune occasion to screen Sean Connery In His Own Words.

Alas, there were all too few words from Connery.

Entertaining, all the same, to get, what there were, clips from the classic The Hill, complete with a clip of one of Connery’s co-stars in that film, Harry Andrews.

At least Harry won an Oscar for Best Supporting actor. “To be born a lady is an accident, to die one is not.” I heard it here first.

It was, I suspect, Sean who uttered: “Who knows which way the wind blows?”

In my own words Zardoz a Connery shocker, still ranks as one of the most dastardly movies I’ve seen in my life.