John Gibson: The captain will be here – but wait

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Next best thing to sitting at the captain’s table – no ordinary captain – is listening to Captain Nick Bates, and after 44 years at sea, a captain with Cunard, some with the QE2, he’s got tales to tell.

Next best thing to the Titanic. It’s not at all packed with drama and drowning. A lot of humour in Captain Bates’s memoirs. Laced with laughs.

But you’ll have to be patient. Next April before he arrives in Edinburgh to speak at a gourmet seafood dinner for the spicked and spanned Royal Scots Club in Abercromby Place. For a berth it will cost £33.

The club’s special events that ease it into autumn begin with the Royal Regiment of Scotland at Musselburgh Races on Sunday, September 29. And guest speaker at the St Andrew’s Night dinner on November 22 will be the Rt Rev Dr John Armes, Bishop of Edinburgh.

Janet at the Club on 556 4270 has details. Talk to her.


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