John Gibson: The Kelpies won’t be at uni furlong

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Now I know. I wondered what had happened to them. The Kelpies, the metal horses that were a popular feature with passers-by at the West End.

Turns out they had been removed on the quiet to Edinburgh University’s Old College Quad. On whose authority?

They’ll be there until October 29. Then what? As I say, on whose authority. Get them back to the West End, where they belong.

Keep digging

For one seismic moment I thought somebody was burying Sepp Blatter. It was Michel Platini shovelling earth round a new tree.

No escape, for the moment anyway, from the wily Blatter, currently on suspension for 90 days.

Mail and hearty

Jobs for the boys and girls. The GPO in the Capital will be taking on 1900 additional staff for Christmas. Great news if you’re short of a bob or two.

Just mind that the dogs don’t bite you wherever you venture with that mail sack.

Hinds sight

If I can return, albeit briefly, to Fifa, the organisation has a “ethics committee” and we have to wonder where the ethics are.

While I put this priceless prose together, Lesley Hinds has turned up on my screen.

Long time no see, Lesley, who used to grace my column with her red shoes.

Hadn’t seen her in yonks and, hopefully the feeling is mutual, that we’re both still on the planet, looking as youthful as ever. Good to see you, Lesley.