John Gibson: The moaners are taking the Michael

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“We live in a world where everyone is taking photos all the time and that’s a problem.”

“I get stopped in the street by people who want to take a photo of me on their phone. I used to offer to sign an autograph instead but now I just grin because if someone took a photo of me looking miserable everybody would say ‘what’s happened to Michael Palin? Is he unhappy about the Monty Python Show?’”

Ever looking on the bright side of life, though, Michael Palin is twittering: “My parents’ generation had been through two world wars and a major depression, yet they were happy because the family was okay.

“They didn’t go around with long faces saying this country has got to improve Now we’re all much more comfortable, we can talk more, we can eat whatever food. But people are not any happier really. Perhaps there’s too much choice.’’

Witty Weegie

Overheard, the carol sung at a conference of German psychologists: God Bless Ye Jerry Mentalmen. The eavesdropper, my former colleague long-retired at North Bridge, Jimmy Frame. The paper’s industrial correspondent.

Jimmy’s a Weegie and as such he’s delighted to keep regaling me with one of that city’s street calls at Hallowee’en: “Haw missus, ye cannae be lookin’ . . . here’s aipples fir cookin’, sookin’ and dookin.”

Afterwords . .

David Jason at a jocular 73: “The very idea of a local grocers [he’s recalling huge TV hit Open All Hours] has aged a bit since then because, of course, we all order on the internet or drive to an out-of-town superstore.”