John Gibson: The Rowan clan’s special occasion

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Can Edinburgh handle TWO Norrie Rowans? One’s enough, for God’s sake. There is, in fact, a Norrie Rowan Junior. He is a director of the Caves entertainment complex in the Old Town’s Niddry Street (an essentially family organisation, sisters Lisa and Caroline being co-directors).

Norrie Jr is 32 and he and his Polish fiancee Justyna were wed on Saturday, reception at the Caves, where else! The venue was short-listed out of 300 in the UK as a wedding haven. Says Junior: “We’ve postponed the honeymoon until January. We’ll spend most of it in Australia and America’s West Coast.”

Scotland rugby cap and Boroughmuir FP Norrie senior, kilted, as was his Watson’s FP son at the reception, marked the occasion by organising a match at Meggetland yesterday between Boroughmuir Reprobates and a Watsonians Gentlemen’s third XV.

Rabbiting on about the Rowans can be exhausting, not to mention debilitating.

Fuhrer’s day out

Gott in himmel! It’s all coming out in der wash now. Hitler, the swine himself, above, lived in Liverpool over Christmas in 1912. I’ve seen from the diary the fuhrer-in-waiting left in the bus on a trip to Edinburgh.

A draft-dodger from the Austrian Army, he enjoyed a right good swallie in a boozer at the foot of Leith Walk, all the while secretly taking notes on potential targets for the Luftwaffe’s blitz of Leith. How also could his planes know the location of Leith Town Hall and Largo Place?

It’s oft been chronicled that Adolf planned to make the Castle his holiday home once his panzers had settled in at Redford. He had the temerity to have his moustache trimmed in a barbers in Great Junction Street.