John Gibson: They had to budge from the fudge

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It’s all in the family. The Fudge House, set not in stone, closer to tablets, in the Canongate some 60 years ago, was closed this weekend. Cause for celebrations.

Paolo, 31, weds Lucia in Slovakia, a local girl, and brother Ottavio, 28, has graduated in graphic design at Dundee University. So the “clan” have shut up shop and made tracks for the wedding.

Talking about Raymond and Irene Di Sotto and their siblings.

The shop, a Royal Mile landmark, is a year-round magnet for sweet-toothed tourists. And it has a colourful history.

Grandfather Domenic Margiotta originated it all in 1949, long domiciles abroad. His late brother Armando Margiotta found fame here as Scotland’s television chef.

The irrepressible Armando, an ardent collector of things, particularly foreign coinage, also achieved a certain notoriety in a popular television series, What’s My Line?

Regaling me with these reminders, Giancarlo, 33-year-old brother of the groom and a key member of the Fudge House family who have flown out for the nuptials.

Norrie’s a bird

Apropos a recent mention in the Press, a devil-may-care Norrie Rowan is asking: “What have Spain, Italy, Ireland and Norrie Rowan got in common? They all need a bail-out.”

While, perhaps, you stifle the laughter, Norrie’s saying that he finds his bird at the zoo more liberating. Looks like he’ll be sponsoring the hornbill (named Norrie, you’ve guessed) for another year.

“It’s a worthwhile package. I get invited to various events out there and I take my chuffed three-year-old nephew with me.”