John Gibson: They love to take the Michael

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He was the star turn the other night in Gogglebox. Talking about Michael Portillo and his Great British Railway Journeys.

They were doubled up laughing at his antics, where he participated in whatever the locals were up to.

You could tell well in advance that Portillo was about to make a spectacle of himself.

But at least he provided a laugh. He’s about as rhythmic as my backside – and, on a good day, that’s pretty rhythmic, I can tell you.

Gogglebox viewers got a good giggle out of it at least.

Hurry back, Michael, you’re a real hoot and that’s without really trying. You are guaranteed a return booking on this programme.

No way, Jose

If that dark cloud above looks like the portent of rain it’s not, really, the manager of Chelsea Football Club’s doing a moody.

Jose Mourinho has gone all humpty. His club is going through a tough time and he can’t take it. Cheer up, Jose, it can only get worse before it gets better. Meantime, look out, West Ham look like the team to watch.

Oh scrum on..

Something to look forward to this weekend – the final of the World Cup rugby.

I’ll be watching and I’ll be in good company, Princess Anne is bound to be there and we’ve been told that Prince Harry will be presenting the cup to the winners. I can never be a true fan of a messy, injury-prone sport.