John Gibson: They were magical at £12 a week

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I’ve been reading about Tom Finney. Praised to high heavens and rightly so. The wonder winger who passed on last week. His football at Preston North End was truly magical. At £12 a week.

Sir Tom had a lot in common with Lawrie Reilly. Gentlemen both and credit to the game. Lawrie told me that evey time he motored south he’d stop off at Finney’s home.

Twelve quid a week was quoted in Finney’s obits before gates of 40,000. Lawrie on occasion performed in Edinburgh for £12 or less. Where did the magic go from these maestros? It was as well that football’s administrators then had deep pockets.

They garbled, too, about Tom Finney’s dazzle from finishing work on Saturdays middday, slipping out of his boiler suit and performing on the pitch. The inimitable Gordon Smith did likewise, dashing up to Easter Road to create miracles, from Henry Robbs, the Leith engineers.

Mia is welcome

Wouldn’t be lovely? Wouldn’t it be nice? If Zara and Mike Tindall could at all find their way to spend the small change from their reported £150,000 fee from Hello! on bringing their six-week-old daughter Mia Grace up to Edinburgh because, after all, this is where 16th-in-line-to-the-throne babe’s mum and dad were married in July 20II.

We shouldn’t give up hope of another glitttering do at the Canongate, though. Jessica Palmer, who lives in Sydney, was a guest at Zara’s wedding, her parents live in Bath and she’s set on marrying (somewhere in the UK) a financial consultant and former Durham Uni student. Jobs galore for him in Edinburgh.