John Gibson: Thinking of the Odeon.. it’s so sad

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Brings a tear to a jaundiced eye every time I pass the Odeon, the once ornate cinema, once a credit to Edinburgh in Clerk Street. Now decrepit. A huge poster at the door shouts “Big Night Out.”

I don’t think so. An eternity since I’ve experienced one there. When the old king died? Truth be told, what used to be the Capital’s most attractive venue, for films and for live shows, is in a state of decay from which, it seems, it won’t ever recover.

Sadly, there’s no saviour on the horizon either. We await news of SuBo’s brother Gerry Boyle’s plans to re-open the venue. Will the big night involve the bulldozers? Perish the thought.

The hard Sel

You don’t say pants to Selina Scott, you say socks. The broadcaster – and she goes way back – has opened her first shop, flogging mohair socks made from the wool of her own goats.

Hard-sell Selina reportedly has taken a lease on a shop in North Yorks at Malton, renowned racehorse country, near her farm. Acting the goats? She is promising: “Customers will see me behind the counter. I’ll be very much hands-on.” Don’t say darn it.