John Gibson: This was all about Pat and Keith

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Hip, hip for Saint Pat! It was his birthday on Saturday but they couldn’t wait.

A St Patrick’s Day breakfast was held on Friday in the Sheraton Grand Hotel’s new restaurant, a joint celebration of the saint and Cardinal Keith O’Brien. Keith, by special arrangement, was also born on March 17. His 74th.

This was the twelfth (“twelft”, as the Irish mouth it) St Patrick’s Day breakfast, hosted by John Dixon, owner of Leith-based Georgian Antiques, and his brother Padraic.

A slap-up brekkers. Clonakilty black pudding, Kerrygold butter etc and miniatures of Guinness for the toast, a cake for the cardinal.

Among those smacking their lips was Consul General of Ireland to Scotland Susan Conlon.

Raised eyebrow

Can it be true that in his newly proclaimed retirement the raucous Rowan Williams, erstwhile Archbishop of Canterbury, has dumped his fanciful clobber for a start and vowed to donate his eyebrows to charity? Robert Pigott, the BBC’s religious affairs correspondent, was close to tears at the news of the retirement. He spoke of the Bish’s “huge intellect”. Rowan and Robert are big mates of course.

We’ve got a snipper here in Edinburgh who’d take good care of that beard. Name’s Charlie.