John Gibson: Three tiers for One Square’s tea

Gavin Purdie
Gavin Purdie
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An education in itself. The waiter at One Square (on Festival Square, part of the refurbished Sheraton Grand Hotel) proudly introduced me, faffed around with flourish, an expansive array of teas.

I was their guest for afternoon tea. The waiter recommended, for a punter, Russian tea. He smacked more of the Waverley Steps than the Siberian Steppes but, at his behest, the Russian brew proved drinkable and set me up for the three-tier tower of of sandwiches, scones and, bottom runging as is the tradition, creamy goodies, served at £19.95 for standard, £24.50 with the champers teaser.

Who’d dare quibble over these prices with a man from Clydebank. Venue Events Manager Gavin Purdie, 20 when he moved from there to London for ten years.

Drama school saw him gain first class honours but he preferred the bustle of restaurants to acting at this stage. Headhunted, he is thriving at One Square, on Festival Square, a venue he shared with the giant TV screen from his window.

My advice, do take care. Cream in your jacket can ruin your cream tea.

It’s zoo much

We’re all going to the zoo tomorrow. No we’re not. Julie Felix, who was 74 last week and famously had a brief thing for David Frost, had a hit with that song but, like I say, we’re not all going to the zoo tomorrow. Or the next day.

Because it costs a fortune to get in and we can get a closer, clearer look at the animals on the telly.

By the way, Mike Yarwood shared his birthday with La Felix. Exceptionally talented chap, Mike. Remember him?