John Gibson: Train of thought for Wogan

John Gibson chats to Terry Wogan. PIcture: Jon Savage
John Gibson chats to Terry Wogan. PIcture: Jon Savage
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FIRST time we met was on a London-to-Edinburgh train. I was never a fan. Altogether a bit too chummy, too in-your-face for my liking.

But having timeless Terry Wogan chortle on a choo-choo must have been preferable to hearing him cackle onto your flakes every morning on the wireless.

Fortunately we won’t see him a knees-up again. It would have to be a knee-up. He’s just had a knee replaced.

Terry’s twittering (he surely was one of the original twitterers, before it became a national pastime): “Nobody gets a life without pain. We all have things we suffer

“I’ve spoken at so many memorials and funerals of my closest friends. Sometimes I wonder, where did everybody go?” C’mon Terry, lighten up. There must be plenty of that good, old-fashioned blarney where you came from .

Happy days

Sad seeing John Bellany get such an early call. John was talking to me at Musselburgh races with wife Helen. His future as a renowned painter ahead of him, they first met at Edinburgh Art College in 1961.

“We married in 1964 and divorced ten years later. Then I had my liver transplant and Helen was my Florence Nightingale. So we married again in 1986 and here we are today, loving life and each other.”

Sinatra always did sing love is lovelier the second time around. I told him, near reducing him to tears over his mid-afternoon cuppa. The loving couple were at Musselburgh for the day from their Cambridge home courtesy of Pat O’Brien, then chairman of the course and East Lothian Council’s Lord Provost. John and Pat were schoolmates at Port Seton.