John Gibson: Travesty of the trams at Shandwick

Graham Kenny, owner of Has Beans coffee shop
Graham Kenny, owner of Has Beans coffee shop
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Get it right and you’ve cracked the jackpot – the number of man hours Edenburgh has squandered (and is still squandering) on the trams travesty in Shandwick Place.

The Shandwick Shambles as it has long become known to the hapless souls acquainted with the hellish thoroughfare.

Hit the jackpot and win the prize, to be presented by Edenburgh’s public transport guru herself, Councillor Lesley Hinds.

Diary of death

He was a big shot in the First World War. Field Marshal Douglas Haig ran the Army and were he still around I’d have to ask of him, what DID you do in the war, daddy?

Well, for a start he kept a diary and there wouldn’t have been pages sufficient to list the poor sods he urged to pack up their troubles in their old kit bags and smile, smile, smile.

It’s only money

Rupert Murdoch’s second wife Anna reportedly got a $1.7 billion divorce settlement. He’s 82. Third wife Wendi Deng is 38 years his junior. A pre-nup signed before the wedding will decide what Wendi gets from his £7 billion estate. It’s only money and it’s only peasants like your scribe who show just a fleeting interest,

Afterwords . . .

. . . Most unseasonal, I know, but it won’t keep. What’s the most popular cheese at Christmas? The baby cheesus. That’s from would-be comedian Graham Kenny, pictured above, resident at Has Beans Coffee House in the city’s Canongate. For that, he should be hounded out of town.