John Gibson: Trouble brewing? Ask a Yank

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Big Brother. Now we’re being told by the Yanks how to make a cuppa. The secret, evidently, lies in the teabag and the time you keep it in the water. For between two and five minutes.

Take a note because I shan’t be repeating it.

Daring to tell us how. Brian Keating, an American based in Seattle.

It’s in his book, How To Make Tea – The Science Behind The Leaf.

Some of it my granny told me. It’s that shattering and don’t give me any of that Earl Grey jazz. You’d love it if I arrived over there and told you how to brew a respectable cup of coffee.

Red and Amber

I hadn’t previously encountered Amber Rudd, Conservative minister for climate change, until she cropped up like a dreadnought on the box the other night.

This much I can say of her, however. She’s not a woman for wee laddies.

Marvel at marbles

Marbles in his mouth or, if you like, bools in the mooth. It’s the way Keith Vaz talks.

Every syllable painstakingly chosen. I don’t know where he learned to speak like that. For sure, not at the foot of Leith Walk. Mind you, given the choice between Vaz and our Chancellor, George Osborne, Vaz wins every time