John Gibson: Troubled Deek was a real talent

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HE’D get into trouble from time to time and I truthfully can’t say I was gobsmacked when I learned that Derek Riordan was in trouble again. This time not at Easter Road, a club he vacated a long time ago.

Now he has been given two weeks to produce mortgage arrears of £20,000 or face losing his house.

However, I understand that a lawyer for the TSB bank agreed to an application that he will have the money in place soon for the house in Stirlingshire near Airth Castle.

Six years ago, the house went on fire when Riordan was renting out the property. As I say, Riordan, when I knew him, had a habit of courting trouble – a pity because when I knew him as a player he had a lot of talent.

Maybe next time

I’m just back from Worcester and, no, I didn’t get the ticket. I went into the shop hoping to pick up the winning brief.

It was worth the trip, hoping to snaffle the elusive £33 million.

Alas, no joy but worth the effort.

Peter’s tee-rific

Golfing superstar Jack Nicklaus became only the third person in their lifetime – after the Queen and Queen Mother – to have their face on a £5 note when the Royal Bank issued two million commemorative notes denoting his final tee-off in a major tourney.

Jack, 76, nicknamed The Golden Bear, was disputed as the greatest golfer of all time. I’d be last to give anybody an argument where Nicklaus is involved.

Brings back my taste for the season of golf and, by the way, I do hope that Peter Alliss has wintered well.

His voice fair warms the cockles. Come back soon, Peter. One of the great pleasures in golf, I imagine, would be to have a round with Peter himself.