John Gibson: Trust me, it’s coming to P street

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Today, tomorrow, next month, next year. Who knows? Prince Charles has just launched in London the first of his new stores, The Prince’s Trust Tomorrow’s Store. Just wait. A branch in Princes Street before long.

Stocked with items designed by your entrepreneurs who have set up in business with the Trust’s support. All profits to go to the Trust to fund programmes helping young people. As I say, Princes Street seems the ideal pitch for such a shop.

Rod Stewart and Penny publicised the London launch. Can they be persuaded to come up if and when Charles opens a branch in Princes Street? Maybe the perpetually young-at-heart Rod, pictured, could sacrifice one of his old raincoats at an introductory raffle.

Chips are down

Not on the agenda in Brussels or St Petersburg or Damascus. They should get their priorities right. No, the world’s leaders should be debating the perilous predicament of the sauces and there are only two –red and broon.

Heinz are at the heart of it. Sales of their ketchup have slumped seven per cent this past year. Reason enough to bring back National Service. If that’s not grim enough, sales of HP are down 5.8 per cent.

Calamitous. All I need now is to be told “chip shop” sauce is experiencing similar trouble. They’ve got their own recipe, a sauce peculiar to them, the secret guarded by your local chipmonger.

Chippies, the majority of fish-fryers of an Italian strain, play their cards close to their formidable chests.