John Gibson: Vlad, just don’t let us stop you

Vladimir Romanov
Vladimir Romanov
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When I mouthed, foolishly, I’d be putting my life savings, a pittance, into Vlad’s bank soon as it opened, some guys in white coats rolled up in an unmarked van and told me that if I was serious I would be away for some time.

Daft. But not that daft. One could end up vladynear broke. Can I put it this way? I’d much rather put my pile, minuscule as it is, into Tom Farmer’s piggy bank.

Vlad, the man who rages over wages, is hinting that if Scottish football doesn’t change he might go back to Lithuania or wherever. Well, don’t let us stop you, Vlad, don’t let us stop you.

Can it be true?

. . . that the Salmond Government is still trying to have 16-year-olds get the vote. Why not 14 or 15, when they’re on the way home from school thence to the polling station?

. . . that senior civil servants in London spent four months – and a lot of tax payers’ money – learning the best way to open mail?

. . . that Craig Levein and Craig Gordon are indulging in the old pals act without as much as a blush?

Afterwords . .

. . . the God-fearing Bruce Springsteen, below, preaching: “I got brainwashed as a child with Catholicism. It’s like Al Pacino in The Godfather. I try to get out but they pull you back in. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic.”