John Gibson: Waiter! The broccoli, it’s getting cold!

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I’ve been a broccoli man from way back. Its only drawback is, in my experience, of all the greens it’s first to grow cold.

A small price to pay, though, now that researchers – you’ve heard about my dad who was a fizzisist in a lemonade factory – have discovered broccoli’s various wondrous properties.

Rubbed on the skin (unsteamed) it’s a an effective sunscreen. It can prevent skin cancer. However, it doesn’t prevent barnacles on ships.

So bring on the broccoli, much maligned by people who prefer spinach. People like Popeye. Waiter! Bring me more broccoli. But don’t dare soil it with that ghastly garlic.

Tom’s tee time

Precious. And prized. The happy snap Tom Watson, pictured, has sent to Bert D’Agostino, golf-mad proprietor of Zittos restaurant on North Berwick’s High Street. Says the garrulous Bert: “Ryder Cup and Open veteran Tom’s a talkative sort and we were delighted to have him in Zittos during the year’s Open when he came in and asked for a table for seven. Reminder of a memorable evening.”

Afterwords . . .

. . . “Some people have said it was me who made his books readable but no, no, no that’s not the case at all,” says Mary Archer, speaking of Jeffrey and adding: “Not only can marriage boost a career and heighten one’s success, it helps you become a better version of yourself, as I’m sure Jeffrey would agree.” They’ve been married 47 years.