John Gibson: Wake up and smell the flowers

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Three old duffers enjoying a blether over afternoon tea in Peacock Alley, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Make that one old duffer, I’ve no wish to demean Messrs Tom Farmer and Charlie Miller (pictured below). The other diners hung on to our every word. Precious prose it made, too, I have to imagine.

I chose to remind Tom of his timely advice, namely: “Take time to smell the flowers.” Advice that stayed with me for yonks. Here he was, at it again, telling me, with the rain lashing down outside: “You don’t get flowers without showers.”

At this juncture, with the Waldorf’s tasty tarts preoccupying doyen of barbers Charlie Miller’s attention, it seemed the ideal moment for one duffer (you know who), to wrap it up with a brisk chorus of “We’ll Meet Again”.

Fag break

Fags ‘n’ Matches, helped on their way to stardom, have been asked back to the Maybury Casino, on August 8 and September 20, to play nostalgia gigs for charity where it all started.

They want to oblige on said dates and that’s the original line-up of Graeme Tosh (keyboards), Colin Bellet (drums), Jim Akroyd (guitar), Roy Martin (bass) and John Miller (vocals). They quit in 2000 and the lads are playing for charity, contactable at 07836 243854.