John Gibson: Wali runs tight ship in Britannia

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It has long been my favourite corner shop, at the extreme east end of Great Junction Street and the entrance to Leith Docks.

And it’s still there after 16 years. Britannia Spice and Dr Wali Uddin, pictured below, (an honorary doctorate from Heriot-Watt).

Hadn’t seen him in years. So I renewed my taste for chicken korma and naan bread the other evening. Wali wouldn’t let me off the premises without presenting a copy of his pictorial biography (334 pages at the last count), and a reminder that he is an MBE and Jambo.

Still running a tight ship does Wali who is also consultant to Lancers in Stockbridge. Nae flies on the same Wali.

Heard it here first

Trust me, I’m not a doctor. But you may well recall that a few columns ago I panned paracetamol, rubbishing the drug. I had the big P rammed down my thrapple during a spell at the Western.

Now the papers are having a go at it, with the warning that if you take enough of it, in daily high doses, you could keel over and succumb. Well I told you so, didn’t I?

Don’t just take Gibson’s word for it. Talk to Professor Nick Bateman, who makes clinical toxicology his business at Edinburgh University.

Out with the old

I feel obliged to radicalise, or sanitise, my record collection. Out go my Roy Orbison gems and, just as reluctantly my Val Doonican classics, long departed the planet, both.

Pity the couple, 68, hit with an ASBO for playing The Big O in their garden.