John Gibson: Watsonians, yes it’s in the blood

Gary and Chris
Gary and Chris
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So much in common. Father and son and all they ever talk about is rugby, specifically Watsonians, while they play the waiting game.

Gary Scott played for ‘Sonians for 22 years. Still trains with them. Now he’s their manager. His 19-year-old son, Chris, currently plays for the first team. Sometimes captain. Studying at Napier Uni since he left the school.

Something else in common, they are both waiters – Gary at Gordon’s Trattoria in the High Street, Chris at The Living Room in George Street.

Gary celebrated his 50th birthday this month at Hamilton’s restaurant, Stockbridge, the party organised by Chris and sister Robyn. This is the story of how the Scotts get their kicks.

It’s tea time

Talking about teabags, as we were on Wednesday, you’ll want to discover that, in the family vaults, is the inscribed silver teapot presented to my granny, saying “Presented to Mrs Main by the Ladies Committee of South Leith Church Mothers meeting, November 1931.”

Teabags hadn’t been invented then. My granny was rewarded for pampering South Leith’s pews, bless her.

Hound them

About time, too. Every new-born pup is to be microchipped in a crack-down on dangerous animals. I’m for it. I hope Environment Minister Lord Taylor has his package rubber-stamped in a plan against irresponsible dog-owners.

Police and the RSPCA will have access to a database that should eradicate violent dogs

But it won’t work unless owners, too, are microchipped.

They can be fined up to £1,000 if they breach the order. They’ll have to be barking mad to ignore it.