John Gibson: Weakest link or kitchen sink

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NOT so much television’s Weakest Link, rather the Bleakest Blink. No, I was never a fan of Anne Robinson. Show me the man who was.

They wanted to pin a medal on her for reducing former Blue Peter presenter John Noakes to tears when she tormented him about the death of his dog, Shep. Some heroine in that trademark overcoat she could have salvaged from a Gestapo surplus store.

Nasty to speak ill of her at a much-engineered 68? She’ll tell you she doesn’t care what’s written about her. Could be she’s the perpetual flavour of the month with Harley Street’s surgeons.

Anyway it does seem she’s not quite as irascible as she once was. So speak up, Annie. If you decide to auction for charity that Gestapo-ish overcoat, let me know.

Cliff’s on top

C’mon Cliff. What’s the secret? Let us know. How do you stay so streamlined? His latest UK tour won’t bring him to Edinburgh, where we’d ask him to reveal what the tablets are. Nine a day, reportedly.

Dyes his hair and he has tried “every bad diet there is” to keep his 30-inch waistline. Appears to work for him and at 72 still recognisable as the chart-topper who graced the Usher Hall stage half a century ago. Congrats!