John Gibson: Well, which one would you choose?

Author John Grisham. Picture: AP
Author John Grisham. Picture: AP
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John Grisham, whose 275 million copies at the last count suggest he can’t be wrong, is despairing of the prime mover and shaker, Amazon, when he frets for the future of the trade.

There are six major players in publishing and Amazon could write a cheque for all of them. Close friends of the Clintons, less than chummy with the Obamas, that’s Mr Grisham.

We shan’t be seeing him on Charlotte Square for next year’s Bookfest. Wild horses – and he’s got dozens – won’t drag him away from his Utah ranch. Dodgy Edinburgh or a sunny ranch with all the trimmings. Which would you choose?

Winging it

Barn owl numbers have fallen to a record low. Do you care? Chances are you are more concerned about your blood pressure. You may not be worried about that either. Only one in ten Brits can tell their blood pressure rate.

A survey’s warning us that five million people are unaware they have HBP, the UK’s biggest silent killer because often there are no symptoms. You’ll know your number’s up when then the Grim Reaper comes calling. You’ll know your mother’s Co-op number, you’ll know how much it’s costing you to get the trams running. But your blood pressure, that’s a no-no.