John Gibson: What’s the point of Pointless?

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You are incensed. Irate. Downright irascible. And perfectly entitled to be.

Because a freedom of information nosey has ascertained that the BBC have frittered away well in excess of £340,000 on booze from 2007 until last month – with licence-payers picking up the tab.

They’ve taken us for suckers again. Lolly that should have been spent on programming. From what we we’ve seen on the screen over the hols so far, the rash of repeats, evidently it wasn’t.

Mind you, if you ask me whether that cash should have been spent on trash like the nightly pre-Six o’Clock News Pointless, it’s enough to drive viewers to drink every time it blights the screen.

Can’t we see the purpose of Pointless (it’s been running for ever, you can’t have missed it) raised at Prime Minister’s Questions and have the execs behind it outed?

Just tell us, what is the point of Pointless? Who’s keeping it there as it slithers into the new year?

While we are on about the bungling Beeb . . . they are putting incredulous staff on a three-hour course, learning how to lift a box. They call it the Manual Handling Awareness course, costing £72 per person. The organisers (hopefully they’ve been put on medication) are broadcasting that “lifting, carrying, and pushing and pulling loads can cause a range of injuries”.

These courses are to be repeated every two years, lest injury-prone employees forget how to lift up a box. Is this what’s called boxing clever?

They should build a series round it. Comedic, of course, and it sounds like a natural for David Jason, pictured below, whose new sitcom, The Royal Bodyguard, apparently was a huge turn-off on Boxing Day.