John Gibson: When he blew his lot on Hibees

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Pity Paul Pontone who has Hanover Street pasta emporium La Rusticana. He put his lot on Hibs at Hampden, where his team let him down badly.

Paul, I’m telling him now, you’ve got to put what you’ve got left of your spending money on Anglo Asian Mining in Azerbaijan. Its shares have zoomed from £1.75 to £28.77 last I heard.

Paul, forget that tip your wife’s stockbroker gave her for Greggs. She, too, blew it on the Hibees.

Golden Brown

Not such a bad guy after all. Not, at any rate, to the extent that I want to give Gordon Brown a hug. But if we are to believe his office every penny of the £1.4 million he pocketed from his writing and speaking this past year went to charity.

I mean, he could have squandered the dibs and gifted it to Labour Party funds. Aye, he’s all heart. Gordon and wife Sarah. I’m seeing him in a different light, well, for the moment.

Another ex-Prime Minister is a vastly different kettle of piranhas. Richer than the Browns, richer than you, me and everybody. So stinking rich that Cameron tapped him for the price of a latte in Ibiza.

Afterwords . . .

. . .Possibly the Bridge itself will rail at hearing Anne Robinson say: “My appearance is all down to maintenance. I’m like the Forth Rail Bridge. I run, I have facials, I eat an awful lot of salmon and salad. If you want to expose bare arms in prime time, there’s no choice.”