John Gibson: Who Kerns about Enzo in Leith?

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Do you have a request, John? Yes, responding before you could say Jerome Kern, play The Way You Look Tonight. Roberto Enzo plays it, sings it too, to his masterly accompaniment on accordion.

I’m in Leith in Giuliano’s ristorante. Where else would you be Mondays if you crave quality music and technical brilliance on the instrument?

Roberto is still resident there same night. All-smiling waiters Benedetto and Vincenzo are still on duty. Owner Giuliano Binanti does captain a tight ship down there on the Shore.

Roberto will be at the Bar Roma once a month starting January, entertaining uptown girls. I’ve booked him for my next wedding.

Hair apparent

Women have turned up their noses at reading a report (bloody researchers again) that eating too much cake makes them hairy. So that’s how some of these moustaches have developed?

You’ve maybe noticed at the superstore till the odd shopper discreetly slip a packet of Blue Gillettes into her handbag.

A big draw

Am I sitting on a fortune? That portrait painting of singer Bonnie Tyler in Sunday’s Antiques Roadshow had been unwittingly “secreted” on Cathy Sim’s five-year-old son’s playroom wall, a present from her late father when she was six. Bought by him for £500 at a charity auction.

She was gobsmacked when an expert estimated it could be worth a hundred times that.

Get to the point, Gibson. Rolf painted Miss Tyler on something of a whim. Surely more of a whimper when he sketched me in ink on a piece of scrap during a one-to-one interview in Edinburgh.

Okay, so it wasn’t in oils, but I’m wondering now what that might fetch. I must give the BBC a call and tell them it’s in my archive. Bound to cover the price of a pint and a packet of crisps.

Afterwords . .

. . . further to mein piece about Hitler bevvying at the foot of Leith Walk in 1912, I hear from a bunker in Berlin that the Fuhrer’s monogrammed bed linen has fetch £2500 at auction.