John Gibson: Why not show Sepp’s medals

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I’VE been thinking and in case you haven’t heard, comes an age when thinking ain’t easy. How is it that we didn’t see any of the two dozen medals Fifa’s scandalised president Sepp Blatter was given? There was Liberia’s Humane Order of African Redemption, Kazakhstan’s Order of Friendship and Sudan’s Order of the Two Niles.

His one and only item of recognition from Britain was an honorary doctorate from Leicester’s De Montfort University in 2005, discreetly removed in the autumn by the university itself.

No-iron man

I’ve always been intrigued. Who ironed Michael Portillo’s jackets?

They always looked as if he’d been sleeping in them. Mind you, the same Michael never seemed to have the need for an overcoat, or an umbrella.

It was always fair weather wherever the train took him.

I believe that Cambridge-educated Portillo appeared earlier last month at Watford Colosseum, answering questions about his life.

Tickets for the occasion, which included a meal, cost a giveaway £30. Apparently the 30 quid did not include an iron.

Can-do Carole

I must hope that Carol Kirkwood’s head cold has cleared up. She has been off for a week at least and while we are talking of television presenters, here’s a complimentary word for Carole Walker.

Hardly the most glamorous of the gals appearing regularly on our screens but extremely competent with it, leaving most of her contemporaries in her wake. Carole, I’m rooting for you.