John Gibson: World War hero fallen from grace

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Sometimes one doesn’t know where to turn or where one can turn to.

There are people who have graced this column and are now disgracing it, if I’m to believe what I read in the papers.

Now one of my Second World War heroes. A soldier I wish I had met.

Viscount Slim, an extraordinary soldier who chased out the Japanese from Burma and became Governor-General of Australia before he died in 1970, chaired a foundation that ran a school for British children from impoverish backgrounds sent to Australia for a fresh start.

The Supreme Court of New South Wales has ruled that 65 plaintiffs have the right to sue the state government, the Australian Government and the foundation chaired by Slim.

It’s alleged that William Slim, the Queen’s representative in Australia between 1953-60, abused boys from the foundation in his Rolls-Royce.

A not-so-grand old soldier in my book now. Like I say, sometimes one doesn’t know where to turn.

Not all hoe-hoe

Now hear this from the fashionable, telly watchable grandad Alan Titchmarsh: “When you have your first child you think you couldn’t possibly love another child as much. Then you have another one and you love them just as much. When grandchildren come along you finally understand that love expands according to how many people you have to love.”

That is what we’d expect to spill from Alan. What we didn’t expect is his departure from ITV. So it’s not all hoe-hoe-hoe.