John Gibson: Write on, it’s Marsha and me . .

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Me and Marsha Hunt, we had a thing going on. Sing it if you like if you remember the chart hit from way back. This is none of your business but go on John, you can’t wait to tell us about it.

Philadelphia-born Marsha also had a fling with Mick what’s his name . . . Jagger. His ten letters to her in 1968, it’s just been revealed, sold for some £200,000 at auction at Sothebys.

Fast forward to 1992 when Marsha, who inspired the Stones hit Brown Sugar, and I met in Edinburgh at the Festival and here is a sugar-sweet snatch from our correspondence.

Ah, such magical memories! Not a word to Mick about this. They’re Marsha’s letters and not for sale. Money can’t buy them.

Jangle all the way

Cut your cloth accordingly. Dress up. It’s claimed that the third Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year. So we should dress appropriately. Mental Health Researchers our wellbeing will sink to the ultimate low on the 21st.

No problem for your columnist, colleagues will confirm. I’m a snazzy dresser the year round. Holyrood’s Mister Bojangles, that’s me.