John Gibson: Yes, they’ve heard it all before

Gillian and James
Gillian and James
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Well, we knew that anyway (1). Most children, researchers say, get bored listening to their grandparents recalling the ‘’old days.’’ Tales from previous generations could vanish ‘’in the mists of time’’, like they say. Too many distractions.

You mean they needed researchers to tell us that?

Well, we knew that anyway (2). Our pussyfooting, dithering Prime Minister David “Call me Dave” Cameron, hosting the first meeting of the Nursing Care Quality Forum in Downing Street (coffee and cupcakes on the taxpayers), had the nation holding its breath when he uttered “going into hospital can be an incredibly anxious time . . . nothing counts more than a friendly face and calming word.’’

Best his scriptwriters could do. Dave didn’t mention the new wards in hospitals being built to accommodate unsuccessful contestants who took home a consolation Pointless trophy. The BBC admit there’s no known cure.

Wed for it . . .

Waiting for better weather. The Rev Ian Gilmour’s daughter Gillian and James MacPherson, who marry in George Street tomorrow at Ian’s church, St Andrew’s and St George’s West, have delayed their Tuscan honeymoon until later this summer.

Gillian, 31, and James, 40, will be “spliced” by South Leith Kirk’s minister Jennifer Booth, former prisons chaplain in Scotland.

They’ve kept things on holy ground. The Rev Ian was minister at South Leith before moving uptown.