John Gibson: You’d need nerves for this job

John Gibson  with Warren Vache and Scott Hamilton
John Gibson with Warren Vache and Scott Hamilton
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Check it out. Blackpool’s Jobcentre advertised a vacancy for a knife thrower’s assistant at the Circus of Horrors. You had to look sharp. The vacancy probably has been filled by now.

Prerequisite for the job is, primarily, courage enough to stand in front on a board and have ten flaming knives at 30 miles per hour.

If the first applicant for the job hasn’t survived it’s bound to come up again. So put your name down and start rehearsing with your partner’s help. Get her to use rubber knives at first. And see Bladerunner again.

Talking of courage, there’s banter about a viewing platform atop the Forth Bridge as a visitor attraction rivalling the Eiffel Tower.

Network Rail are mulling it over. Lifts to take you 360 feet up. On a clear day you’ll see a tram trundling across Princes Street.

Toot sweet

Bringing it all back, this nostalgic snap of American trumpet star Warren Vache with a fan at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, when they used to import big names from the States. Vache, seen here with his special Festival award, celebrates his 61st on February 21. Come back Warren, when the Jazzfest can raise the money, if at all.

Afterwords . .

. . . from Whitney Houston: “I’m gonna go see Jesus. He’s so cool.” The funeral’s tomorrow.