John Gibson: You need to have the bottle for it

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Have you got the bottle? The days of cash deposits on bottles could be coming back, thereby reducing litter. Plastic isn’t working, so glass is the answer, with ten pence on the empties backed by the Government.

Barr’s are to be commended in this respect. I have among my artefacts a large Irn Bru bottle returnable for threepence. And that was in old money. Will Ketchup and HP bottles be valid?

Could the Steptoes era be coming back? The way the Coalition keep cocking things up, anything’s possible.

The high life

I’d never have guessed and I still don’t believe it, that Stephanie Flanders and Ed Milliband, the man who would be Prime Minister (God help us, no!) had something going for each other in their youth.

That’s the goss but now I have to look and look again at the lofty Steph, who keeps stalking the screen as the BBC’s Economics Editor.

Bully for you

There’s Porty by the sea here and there’s dusty Pamplona in Spain. Good to have seen them get what they deserve, the idiots, showing off for the TV in Pamplona’s “Running With the Bulls”.

They get bored by the bulls and, having seen the bloody pictures, I have to snort, good on yer, bulls!

Afterwords . . .

. . . Woody Allen, a favourite actor of mine regardless, waffles: “There are many terrible things about being famous and many wonderful things, too. In the end the good things are better than the bad. So if you have the chance it’s better to be famous.” Tell us more, Woody, tell us more! We hope the script for your next movie boasts a modicum more in substance. The good news – allegedly he’s considering deserting cinema and returning to stand-up comedy.