John McLellan: Beam up the selfish parkers

A prime example of spectacularly inconsiderate parking
A prime example of spectacularly inconsiderate parking
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For a city plagued by drivers who think hazard warning lights are also Star Trek-style cloaking devices which render their vehicles invisible, the legislation announced this week to make double parking and pavement obstruction illegal can’t come soon enough.

A Piershill resident sent me this picture which perfectly illustrates the sheer selfishness of some road users and also a lack of enforcement, because while these vehicles warrant an instant ticket, wardens are scarce beyond controlled parking areas. Police have been informed.

Under my (green) thumb

In my youth I liked a bit of music . . . played drums for a wee band in a couple of Glasgow boozers, queued outside the Apollo overnight for tickets to see The Who, blagged my way backstage to meet Thin Lizzy (Phil Lynott

was a gentleman), had a drink with Peter Gabriel. Went off to the Reading Festival years before Glasto became trendy . . . that sort of stuff.

So what an experience it was to hear Brown Sugar, Gimme Shelter and Satisfaction pumping out over Edinburgh on Saturday Night . . . as I watered my hanging baskets in the back garden… rock and roll…

No Indyref2 equals more tax revenue

New research shows four city post code areas (3, 10, 4 and 12) generate a fifth of all Scottish Government Land and Buildings Transaction Tax revenue; and from 19 per cent of house sales, Edinburgh and Lothians produces 40 per cent of LBTT cash.

“LBTT is heavily a tax on Edinburghers moving house in Edinburgh,” says Dr John Boyle of property experts Rettie, whose analysis also revealed the higher end of the market suddenly perked up last May.

“It is a reasonable explanation,” writes Dr Boyle “that, following the election result, the realisation that Brexit was going to happen and possibly would not be too bad anyway, as well as IndyRef2 probably being postponed for another few years at least, caused many buyers and sellers who had been looking for excuses not to buy and sell to decide to make the leap.”

So the further down the road the SNP kicks their referendum the more tax they raise?