John McLellan: Will council Gaza stand be noticed?

What impact will Edinburgh City Council's flag gesture have? Picture: Getty
What impact will Edinburgh City Council's flag gesture have? Picture: Getty
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IT is now emerging that peace in the Middle East has inched a bit closer with Edinburgh councillors’ decision to hoist the Palestinian flag above the City Chambers.

I understand an urgent communiqué is on its way from Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is now seeking urgent talks with council leader Andrew Burns.

As he is apparently glued to Scottish Premiership football in between fighting Hamas, Hezbollah and democratic elections, he was used to the sight of the Green Brigade waving PLO banners at Celtic Park but the Edinburgh decision has broken his resolve.

And a dastardly plot by the Israeli secret service Mossad to destabilise the council was abandoned when they found the tram project had left them with nothing to do.

And I also understand Washington has been rocked by Councillor Adam McVey’s bid to rename Regent Terrace as The State of Palestine Terrace to send a message to the US.

Although he’s still holed up in the Ecuador embassy, thanks to Julian Assange’s Wikileaks I have managed to track down the official diplomatic cables from the US principal officer here, Zoja Bazarnic, to the White House.

ZB: We have a situation here. Palestine takeover attempt at Regent Terrace.

WH: Please clarify, Officer Bazarnic.

ZB: The locals want to change our address to the State of Palestine.

WH: But there is no State of Palestine. Further clarification necessary.

ZB: They want us to recognise the State of Palestine and they think we’ll do that if they change the name of the street. But they’ve not even got a street named after Willie Bauld so it’ll be OK.

WH: Willie Bauld? Like Bauld Eagle?

ZB: Forget it. I’ll let you know how that nuclear submarine thing goes in September.

In all seriousness, we need no reminding the situation in Gaza is horrifying, but Israel has been fighting for its existence for over 60 years and a settlement for what is a grotesquely complex nightmare is as far away as ever. But isn’t it reassuring to know our cooncillors, fresh from the smooth introduction of the trams, are on the case?

Next week, can Councillor Steve Cardownie use his Russian connections to solve the Ukraine crisis...?