JohnGibson: Shoppers fed up with bum notes

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Buskers are hitting too many bum notes with the public. With irritable retailers in particular.

You’ve heard them in city centre Edinburgh, The itinerant minstrels who park themselves with their guitars and saxes and harmonicas at shop doors. It’s the noise level.

Shirley Manson

Shirley Manson

Shopkeepers have had enough. Buskers are chasing them away. They want them to put a sock in it. Same in Glasgow. Talk now about the problem being brought up by the city councils who are determined to have the musical miscreants change their tune.

Can it be true?

. . . that Jenny Dawe, who has left us the trams to remember her by, is determined to drive the first one? For sure, the deposed Dawe has clinched a place in Edinburgh’s history.

. . . that official forecasts are predicting migrants will form the bulk of a population surge and Scotland’s residents will top a record six million? Our GPs are struggling to assess whether people newly arrived form abroad qualify for free care.

Afterwords . .

. . . Shirley Manson talking and it’s seldom garbage: “I think women in pop have been declawed and defanged, and they’re just meant to look pretty and sing pretty.”