JoJo Fraser:Inactivity is the heart breaker

Personal trainer, Graeme Starkey
Personal trainer, Graeme Starkey
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Iam looking forward to taking part in my first Scottish Kilomathon this weekend. They call 13.1k the perfect running distance. With the Edinburgh half marathon fast approaching next month, it is bang on time in my training plan.

An organised running event is so much easier than the training in my opinion. Water stations are provided, a route is all set out. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful city with such scenic running routes all around us.

I had a training run this week around Arthur’s Seat. During the first half of the run, the wind was against me, big style. I compare this to my mind. Some days my mind is so against me going for a run. It tells me things like ‘just chill out at home, it’s too much effort’ or ‘you should have a break today, have some chocolate and a cup of tea and put your feet up’.

Taking even 30 minutes out of my day to exercise is incredibly beneficial. My job requires me to sit at a desk for hours. I need to prioritise time to be moving. The statistics in the press this week remind me of this. The heart breaker of 2017 is physical inactivity - costing the NHS £1.2 billion each year.

My personal trainer, Graeme Starkey at David Lloyd has been a godsend. He has clearly found his passion. He is focused and determined. Some have called it an obsession with exercise but in my eyes (and his) it is focus and determination.

He gets results because he works extremely hard and he takes time to understand the science of nutrition and movement.

If you need to be addicted to something then exercise is by far the best option. I have friends who have used exercise to heal powerful addictions such as smoking and gambling.

Personally I exercise to look after both my physical and mental health. I love getting stronger. It also provides me with much needed energy after sleepless nights with my 2-year-old. What I used to see as a chore is now a privilege. I do it because I know how great it makes me feel.

Oh and it allows me to eat more cake - bonus!

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Kilomathon tomorrow. Give me a high five if you see me there.

JoJo Fraser is a mental health ambassador and author of the popular blog