JoJo Fraser: It hard to be the ‘perfect’ mum in the grip of supermoon madness

The supermoon saw tensions rise in the JoJo Fraser household. Picture: Ozan Kose/AFP/Getty Images
The supermoon saw tensions rise in the JoJo Fraser household. Picture: Ozan Kose/AFP/Getty Images
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It’s been a bit bonkers in our house since the supermoon showed up. I am a sleep-deprived, angry wife. I shouted so loud at my poor husband this morning that I hurt my throat. It was over such a trivial issue. Ouch I may have just burst a vocal chord. I think I overreacted a little bit there.

I hear my mum’s voice from back in the days when she was a teacher: “The kid’s have been nuts in class today – it was that full moon last night.”

Research and studies show that any full moon – never mind the great big bright supermoon – have the ability to trigger extreme behaviour. The moon is powerful and it has an impact on our emotional wellness.

Scientists claim that the water in our bodies is affected by the movement of the moon in much the same way as its gravitational pull controls the tides. As the fluid in our body shifts, it tips the balance in our minds, which can trigger intense emotions.

Not only do crime rates increase but so do hospital admissions. Maybe I am not so bad after all, I mean I only shouted at the husband. He is not in hospital and I am not in jail. I do have a very sore throat, though. Thankfully Peppa Pig was on loud or my “perfect” mum voice of guilt would tell me I have inflicted psychological scars on my children for failing to keep calm and carry on like a perfect mum should.

Theories suggest that the supermoon not only impacts our mood but the quality of our sleep patterns. That makes sense as our little people were up and down most of the night. It is exhausting. Just as well the last one was in 1948!

So are you a sleep-deprived mad person like me? Here are some tips on how we can improve the quality of our sleep.

Eat rice, oats and dairy – they produce chemicals which increase our desire to sleep

Avoid caffeine and sugar at night

Exercise often and if possible earlier in the day is better

Get some super comfy bedsheets and spray some relaxing essential oils on your pillow

If the moon is full and bright then I would suggest all of the above. Good luck.

Jojo Fraser is a mental health ambassador and author of the popular blog