JoJo Fraser: You can’t beat a luxury hotel break in your own city

JoJo Fraser is a mental health ambassador and author of the popular blog
JoJo Fraser is a mental health ambassador and author of the popular blog
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Edinburgh is an amazing city. I should know. I have lived here for the vast majority of my life, give or take the odd year or two travelling. I recently did something a bit random and booked a hotel room in my own city. Not for a sordid love affair. My dear husband was allowed to come too and it was just wonderful.

We stayed in what many Edinburgh locals know as The George Hotel, now named The Principal, Edinburgh. I adore George Street. It’s great for shopping, drinking cocktails, dancing the night away (which happened often pre-kids) and as for hotel stays – I am now hooked.

On arrival, the lovely lady at reception asked if we had travelled far. I felt a little daft admitting that no in fact we live a short drive along the road. So what was I thinking? Let me explain.

We had 24 hours free from the responsibly of parenthood. A kiddie-free break to me is extremely precious. I cherish moments like never before. Simple moments like sitting with a magazine and a hot cup of tea and coffee. Putting my make-up on in peace without having it wrestled off me. Having a hot bath without any plastic dolphins thrown in my face. Ideally with a glass of fizz beside me. So why not find a venue as close as possible to home? The less travel time, the better.

As soon as the ice bucket and champagne glasses arrived in our room everything felt ok. I am a sleep-deprived, frazzled mum. A mum who loves her kids more than anything but also understands that she needs a break.

You can find more knots in my shoulders these days than the Royal Yacht Britannia’s anchor.

As I attempt to balance family, work and self-preservation, there are moments I just have to learn to stop. Kids or not – we all need to learn to stop. To sit down, to take deep breaths. To be present in the moment.

From drinking stunning cocktails, eating amazing food, sleeping in a huge bed with thick, silky white sheets for a whole eight hours – the 24 hours were truly magical. A break in your own city – do it.

JoJo Fraser is a mental health ambassador and author of the popular blog