Jonathan Melville: Return of Scottish comedy Absolutely would be fabulous

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They brought the Scottish town of Stoneybridge to national television, introduced the most boring man in the world and inspired a cult following that endures 20 years after their last episode aired.

But should the cast of Channel 4 sketch show Absolutely return to our TV screens in 2013?

When, in 1989, the first episode arrived on our screens, complete with a mainly Scottish cast including Jack Docherty, Moray Hunter and Gordon Kennedy, we were starved of the kind of alternative and innovative comedy they were about to send our way.

Today we’re used to sharing an evening’s TV spoilers and quotes on Twitter and Facebook, hashtagging them to within an inch of their lives, but back in the day we were content with quoting one-liners to each other and discussing last night’s viewing at school, in the student union or at work.

The Absolutely team didn’t disappoint, with weekly meetings of Stoneybridge Town Council inspiring fans to repeat the word “Stoneybridge” in a high pitched tone – you probably had to be there – before going on to quote John Sparkes’ latest monologue in a terrible Welsh brogue.

Over four years and 28 episodes we grew to love the increasingly insane cast of characters, tuning in to see how McGlashan (Docherty) would insult the English or Calum Gilhooley would discuss his anorak.

Absolutely made it to TV just ahead of Vic Reeves Big Night Out and a few years before BBC Two’s Fast Show, perhaps never quite extending into popular culture in quite the same way, but the fans are still loyal today.

With a DVD release of every episode, streaming episodes on 4OD and a recent mini-reunion on Radio 4’s Sketchorama, the programme is never too far from reach and rumours continue to circulate that a TV return could be on the cards.

Would McGlashan’s nationalism still be funny in a pre-independence referendum Scotland? Should Stoneybridge councillors reconvene and promote the town via social networking to a new generation? Would the fans want the show back?