Judy R Clark: This is My Edinburgh

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When I hear the words ‘This Is Edinburgh’, the first thing that springs to mind is: Its architecture and cobbled streets. Victoria Street is beautiful with its colourful painted buildings, it always cheers me up. I love to go down Stockbridge, too. I often feel transported back in time when I’m there.

When I have friends or family visiting, I love to take them to: The Real Mary King’s Close for a tour around underground labyrinth beneath the Royal Mile. It’s all a little bit mysterious and haunting with tales of myths and urban legends. It always goes down well.

What makes me proud to come and live in the city is: There are some fabulous talented individuals living or are from Edinburgh such as artist John Byrne. My sister and I went to one of his talks at the arts venue Summerhall, which was massively inspiring.

If I need some inspiration, the place I always visit is: For my fashion designs, a tour of the city’s vintage and charity shops is a great place to start. The Grassmarket has some great little stores, as does Stockbridge. The city’s galleries always help stimulate fresh ideas, too. The Dovecot’s Tapestry Studio has some great textile exhibitions.

When I’m home in Edinburgh I try to spend some time shopping in: If I were to recommend one place for everyone to visit it would have to be Armstrong’s in the Grassmarket. It’s Britain’s largest vintage emporium. You could spend a whole day in the store. I love Jane Davidson on Thistle Street – it’s one of Edinburgh’s best-kept secrets. The store showcases international fashion brands – many exclusively in Scotland. For the high street, it’s got to be Anthropologie on George Street. It’s the brand’s only Scottish store.

My earliest memory of Edinburgh is: Getting a bus tour round the city as a wee girl, hat and scarf firmly attached. I thought the Castle was incredibly impressive.

When I was an arts student, my favourite haunts were: For food, I never tired of Eco Vino on Cockburn Street. My favourite restaurant in the city centre is Thai restaurant Chaophraya. The duck salad is delicious and the view of Edinburgh Castle from its rooftop location on Castle Street is fabulous.

• Judy R Clark is an award-winning fashion designer