Karen Koren: Festival’s first week is off to a flyer

Craig Ferguson produces live radio at its best
Craig Ferguson produces live radio at its best
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First week of the Fringe over and it’s been great, many shows sold out and lots of people around.

It’s always good to get the first weekend over as everyone is very nervous at the beginning. The first Monday and Tuesday we have 2 for 1 tickets which helps the shows sell out and gives them a boost. Then after that it is every man for himself and the various performers or flyerers are out in the streets trying to sell their show. That’s what makes Edinburgh colourful and exciting at this time of year.

Then there are the reviews, which we put up on the boards outside the venues. Already we have had 55, four- and five-star reviews for our shows, which is great start. We have sold over 106,000 tickets so far, we are on our way to a bumper Festival.

The new Gilded Balloon at Rose Theatre is doing very well and Craig Ferguson started his Sirius XFM live radio show on Monday to a full house, with guests Ian Rankin and Jan Ravens.

There were a lot of Americans in the audience as Craig is a US citizen, but he has certainly not forgotten his Scottish roots.

The show is on every weekday, live to America, Canada and Puerto Rico and Ferguson says that there are 31 million listeners, which is pretty amazing.

His guests over the next few days are Fred MacAulay, Denise Mina, Tom Stade, Andy Daly, Clive Anderson, Gregg Proops and loads more. There is a live link to New York and the guy in the studio there adds his comments to the show when appropriate. It’s worth going along to see live radio at its best.

One of Craig’s guest’s the other day was Canadian comic Mark Forward, who is on at the Gilded Balloon and a brilliant comic. He is different from other stand-up comics in that he uses his acting skills and walks around the audience, who get slightly confused. It takes a while to let yourself go and enjoy the confusion. He is certainly one of my favourite comics this year.

So much to enjoy and very hard to pick what to see but there is something for everyone out there at this amazing Festival.