Karen Koren: Fringe talent spotting in Norway

Hilde Louise Asbj�rnsen
Hilde Louise Asbj�rnsen
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I’m really enjoying my break in Norway with beautiful sunsets and warm weather.

Work is never far from my thoughts, though, and while in Norway I will be going to one of the shows that is part of Gilded Balloon’s programme this Fringe.

The Lulu Show – Life on the Never Never – is a cabaret show with Norwegian actress and singer Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen with her band of four musicians.

The show will be performed in Grimstad, a little town an hour’s drive from the summer cottage. The venue is called Apotekergården, which literally translated means “the chemist’s farm” – it will be interesting to see what kind of theatre it actually is. Hilde Louise will be performing the show in Norwegian, of course, however, in Edinburgh it will be performed in English.

I met Hilde Louise when she was performing in Bergen last year and consequently she took a trip to the Festival last summer to see for herself what the fuss was all about.

She loved the Fringe and has been working on the translation of her show ever since. She sent me the translation to see what I thought of it and to get my advice on whether the script was accurately translated.

The show is a light-hearted look at our obsession with money, possessions and finance, from world debt, our personal debts, banks, love and being a kept woman.

There’s a lot of information about percentages of debts from different countries and there’s a lot of impressive, well-researched world statistics.

Whether accurate or not, Edinburgh audiences will make up their own minds. Hilde Louise is a beautiful Norwegian singer and if her script doesn’t charm audiences, I am sure her singing will.

After seeing the show I can compare it to the English script and see where there may be differences, which I am sure we will discuss at length.

This is the part of the creative process which is exciting, and seeing the final product performed during the Fringe is what it’s all about.

I’m looking forward to Hilde’s premier show in English at The Gilded Balloon at the Rose Theatre.

Karen Koren is artistic director of the Gilded Balloon