Karen Koren: Hidden gems are blooming at Rose

Rob Lloyd puts Dr Who on trial in Who Me
Rob Lloyd puts Dr Who on trial in Who Me
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We are now in our second week of the Fringe – well technically it is our third week as we open a few days before the official Fringe kicks off. Only 11 days to go before it’s over for another year.

We are doing tremendously well this year with lots of sell-out shows. However, there are always the few that are overlooked and have do a little more to get the interest of the audiences. As it’s our first year at the Gilded Balloon at the Rose just adjacent to the Book Festival, the footfall is not as high as up by the Gilded Balloon at Teviot and the Auditorium at the National Museum of Scotland.

There are some real hidden gems at the Rose that should be investigated and deserve full houses. The Lulu Show – a sexy Norwegian jazz cabaret about the evils of capitalism, the financial industry and how big money controls the governments of the world. If you see one unexpectedly subversive cabaret this Fringe, make it this.

Safe Place, a truly wonderful piece of theatre is this Fringe debut, a timely political piece tackling the often fragile relationship between feminism and transgender rights.

Volte Face is a theatrical sketch show from the winners of the 2016 Sitcom Trials that tackles the age of anxiety, uncertainty and instability we currently find ourselves

Mindy Raf an irreverent, eccentric and fast-talking NYC comic making her debut. Kooky and charming with notes of Woody Allen.

Zsa Zsa and Me is Nigel Miles Thomas’ hilarious true story of when he invited Zsa Zsa Gabor to play the Fairy Godmother in Pantomime and she accepted.

Rosco McClelland and Christopher Macarthur-Boyd – two rising stars of Scottish comedy and big hitters through in Glasgow.

Who Me is Rob Lloyd putting Dr Who on trial and it’s not just for Dr Who fans. It’s a show about obsession and its many faces.

The Fringe hides some interesting curiosities and you only have to look to find something to your liking, it’s not all about the big shows. These shows are great and there are plenty more. If you look hard enough you will find that hidden gem. Hurry though, it will be over before you know it.