Karen Koren: It’s time to party at the Roxy

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WE are having our big summer party tonight at the Roxy, Assembly’s big new venue, which they bought last year.

This will be the second year they’ll present shows there and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all looks.

The ‘we’ I refer to is, of course, Assembly, Pleasance, Underbelly and Gilded Balloon. Our launch party is much later this year, however, the thinking is that more people will come and join us if we have a party rather than just a launch for our brochure, which is very much out there now.

The Gilded Balloon has bought a van and had our logo put on it. You’ll see it driving around the city dropping off brochures in all the right places. Paul, our distribution manager and street team organiser, is on the case, as well as interviewing for staff for the Festival.

My time is being spent booking acts for Late’n’Live, which is our flagship show that starts at 1am every morning throughout the Festival. It finishes at 5am so you have to have stamina.

The comedians are on until around 2.30-3am and then we have a good party band, who get the audience up and dancing.

This year we have new bands, The Blueswater, an 11-piece Edinburgh band who play old school R&B and good old rock and roll. Their job is to make you dance and that’s what they will do.

Another band, also from Edinburgh, are the interestingly entitled Victorian Trout Conspiracy, a 10-piece with an infectious sound. They have great fun at their gigs, which charms their audiences.

The final band is Rob Deering and The Waltons. More comedy there than big band sound, however, he knows how to give the audience a good time, which is the priority at Late’n’Live.

But first, tonight we party. I’ve had my roots done – check. Done my nail varnish – check. Got the party frock on – check. Face on – check. Smile ready – check.

Now lets party!